Video Management System

What is AIR VMS?

AIR VMS; is a video management software capable of scaling up from small to large to all projects, with an intuitive user interface, supporting built-in server redundancy architecture.

Real-time alarm tracking, historical searching and reporting can be done with video analysis support.


  • Quick installation, video recording and monitoring
  • To be able to search past times on the timeline
  • Control simplicity thanks to customizable interfaces
  • Video analysis that can mark on image
  • Viewing system controls by user authority
  • Compliance with third-party software and systems
  • Quickly capture event with smart search
  • Flexible server architecture support

  • References

    Munich Airport
    2.000 IP Camera (Fixed, PTZ, Thermal)
    6 Servers, 1,000 I/O Devices
    Video Wall, Web and Mobile User

    Union Berlin Stadium
    Professional and Corporate License
    19 PTZ High Definition Camera
    1.000 m2 360° Viewing Angle for Area